HealthChampion Launches COVID-19 Vaccination Card Secure Upload

Privacy and HIPAA compliance drivers for new free feature

HealthChampion, a leading digital health and analytics company, announced today the release of its secure COVID-19 vaccination card upload feature in its mobile app. Leveraging the existing platform that has been utilized by employers nationwide for symptom assessment since the start of the pandemic, and later, for vaccination tracking, this timely companion feature is free to all users and provides enhanced privacy for health data.

One of their clients, Stephen Hathaway, attests, “When the COVID crisis hit, we were looking for a solution to ensure our employees were able to check their health at home before coming to the office to better ensure the safety of all. Privacy, real-time reporting, and ease of use were critical to us. We talked to several solutions, and none were as easy to use and as cost-effective as HealthChampion.”

The app provides multiple layers of security for users’ Protected Health Information (PHI), by keeping it secure and encrypted on its HIPAA compliant platform. Unlike the traditional method of saving a card photo to your phone’s photo library, uploading the card to the HealthChampion app provides additional protection. The vaccination card feature offers two additional levels of authentication: a secure login, as well as biometric authentication.

“Because data security is a key focus at HealthChampion, we felt it the highest priority to offer a safe, HIPAA compliant solution for COVID-19 vaccination card storage.” said Terrence M. Ryan, CEO of HealthChampion. “It was equally important that this feature be available to all our users at no cost, as the need for keeping health information secure is essential to all patients and providers. As we continue to grow, we remain committed to patient outcomes and privacy.”