Healthy Outcomes® Patient Engagement Platform Crosses 60 Million Patient Users

Fremont, CA: InteliChart has launched its Healthy Outcomes® patient engagement platform, which has surpassed 60 million patient users. "We are pleased to report that we have reached a significant milestone in our company's history. Industry-leading EHR vendors, hospitals, health systems and physician practices have selected InteliChart's Healthy Outcomes patient-engagement platform. Taken collectively, that translates to over 60 million patients now using our solutions," remarked Gary Hamilton, CEO of InteliChart. 

Engaging patients throughout their healthcare journey – from provider search and online scheduling to post-visit follow-up and 24-hour information access – improves the patient experience and builds loyalty. Healthy Outcomes is a comprehensive platform of smart engagement solutions that span the entire patient journey and assists healthcare organizations in significantly improving their patient management workflows.

Because it is a unified solutions platform, Healthy Outcomes is unlike any other platform on the market. Healthcare providers frequently acquire a product for their patient portal, another for intake, yet another for reminders, and yet another for surveys and pop health. They end up with products from multiple vendors that are unable to communicate with one another, causing frustration for them and their patients.

Healthcare trends indicate that it is necessary to constantly evolve in order to provide patients with the same level of personalization that they receive when shopping or banking online. The Healthy Outcomes platform's solutions can be tailored to meet the changing needs of healthcare organizations.