ixlayer Announces New Technology to Accelerate and Optimize COVD-19 Vaccine Distribution

ixlayer's platform helps pinpoint barriers and connects patients, physicians, and organizations with the proper testing and vaccine plan needed.

FREMONT, CA: ixlayer, a leader in technology-based solutions for healthcare management, announced a new platform to optimize and accelerate the highly-complex process of distributing COVID-19 vaccines while managing the response to the virus. The technology streamlines the necessary collaboration between the CDC, state health departments, and healthcare professionals, and will be patient and clinician facing. The platform provides a centralized tool to:

• Manage inventory, place orders, and track supplies

• Onboard and collect medical histories

• Engage patients

• Establish clinical oversight

• Report critical data to federal, state, and local health departments

The ixlayer vaccine platform is HIPAA compliant and integrates with and includes components of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Vaccine Tracking System (VTrckS) to enable local and state-level reporting for each dose administered within 24 hours of administration. Through the ixLayer dashboard, employers, school districts, health departments, and other types of organizations will be able to divide responsibilities and manage access.

"No one could have anticipated the need for infrastructure to support wide-scale COVID-19 testing, yet the ixlayer platform now serves a half a million patients across all 50 states. The logical next step for us was to help patients and organizations manage the vaccine distribution challenge," said Pouria Sanae, CEO of ixlayer. "Building upon the foundation of our technology, ixlayer is transforming into a fully integrated testing and vaccine distribution system for organizations to manage and scale COVID-19 responses from one central platform seamlessly and efficiently."

After quickly adapting its platform to suit the need for scalable COVID-19 testing earlier this year, ixlayer created this new platform to distribute COVID-19 vaccines as soon as they become available. There are already currently 180 organizations using the ixLayer platform for COVID-19 test distribution. The company is poised to seamlessly roll out vaccine programs with most of them while enabling additional users to quickly address the vaccine distribution challenge.