PatientBond Introduces its Insights Accelerator Solution to Amplify Healthcare Provider Marketing Results with Consumer Science and Files for Patent Protection

PatientBond's main offering is its Digital Engagement Platform for automating patient engagement.

Fremont, CA: PatientBond, the leading science-driven patient engagement SaaS provider, has declared the launch of Insights Accelerator, a SaaS-delivered application that offers access to unique and extensive market research and psychographic data on healthcare consumers. The Insights Accelerator is designed to help hospitals, payers, health systems, medical groups, and other providers improve their marketing strategies and campaigns for better results.

PatientBond's main offering is its Digital Engagement Platform for automating patient engagement. To make sure the platform is updated, PatientBond conducts annual national market research studies on healthcare consumer attitudes and behaviors with a focus on contemporary issues facing providers, such as encouraging consumers to receive a COVID-19 vaccination. PatientBond has developed a proprietary psychographic segmentation model from this current research to power its platform as well as activate patient behaviors.

PatientBond is now making this market research and years of psychographic insights accessible to healthcare providers through its Insights Accelerator application to help them attain their business and clinical goals.

Justin Dearborn, CEO of PatientBond, said, "We have significant market research and psychographic insights on positively influencing healthcare consumer decisions and activating patient behaviors." Calling on his previous experience as CEO & Chairman of Tribune Publishing, Mr. Dearborn continued, "Informing strategies and marketing with consumer insights is the way leading companies, in all industries, ensure success. The Insights Accelerator™ will help the healthcare industry be more consumer-centric by emulating approaches the consumer goods and financial industries have been employing for decades.

Healthcare consumer experts from Procter & Gamble developed PatientBond's psychographic models and market research. By appealing to healthcare consumers' individual motivations as well as communication preferences, PatientBond has accomplished outstanding results for its customers with market share growth and improved health outcomes and patient financial responsibility payments.