Ryan Rhodes is Now MMI SpA's Chief Commercial Officer

MMI SpA has appointed Ryan Rhodes as Chief Commercial Officer to fuel the commercialization of the MMI robotic system for microsurgery. 

FREMONT, CA: An Italian company dedicated to improving clinical outcomes for patients undergoing microsurgery, MMI SpA, appoints Ryan Rhodes as the Global Chief Commercial Officer. Rhodes has nearly 30 years of expertise in the medical device industry, with over 17 years of experience in surgical robotics. He was the President and CEO of Restoration Robotics for nearly four years. With his 12+ years of experience at Intuitive Surgical, Mr. Rhodes plans to drive commercialization of the MMI robotic system for microsurgery.  

MMI SpA is thrilled to welcome Ryan Rhodes as the company's Chief Commercial Officer. The new CCO has immense strength in marketing, sales, and management for robotics companies that will help MMI transition from a technology start-up to a significant force in surgical robotics. Mr. Rhodes's commercial acumen is well-timed as the organization prepares for its initial launch in Europe and entry into other strategic markets like North America and Asia.

Before joining MMI, Mr. Rhodes was working as the CEO of Restoration Robotics, the global leader in Robotic Aesthetic Surgery. He also served for 13 years at Intuitive Surgical, where he took up various marketing roles, including VP of Global Clinical Marketing. He has also served in Ethicon, Inc. (J&J Company) for 11 years in several strategic marketing, training, and sales roles.

MMI SpA is a developer of novel robotic solutions for unmet medical necessities for microsurgery. The company has produced the first teleoperated robotic platform for suturing in open surgery with wristed microinstruments. MMI offers the surgeon motion scaling and tremor removal and aims to facilitate existing procedures as well as enable new ones in the domain of microsurgery, from post-oncological and trauma reconstructions to ophthalmology, pediatric surgery, and organ transplantation. MMI SpA aims to help more surgeons around the globe to offer more excellent procedures while mitigating costs for patients, hospitals, and for society at large.