Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, May 28,2020

Feature of the Week

Among the various issues faced in the healthcare industry, failure to comply with prescribed care plans is regarded as the most expensive problem. This leads to diminished health outcomes and increased care utilization.  Read more
The virus has illustrated the vulnerability of this system and how tech innovation has a long way ahead. The population grapples at the fact that this existential crisis has pushed the tech community to a new level of responsibility.  Read more
The company will use proceeds from the extension round to support global expansion and continued development of ChromaCode's high-definition PCR platform (HDPCR), through which the company recently launched a high-throughput SARS-CoV-2 Assay  Read more
Octant is responding to the global call for collaboration by open-sourcing part of its platform under the Open COVID Pledge for use in the COVID-19 pandemic.  Read more


By Money Atwal, CFO / CIO at HHSC- East HI Region  
Healthcare is an unpredictable business and we are anticipating and trying to remain responsive to the changes occurring in the industry.  Read more
By Linda Shanley, VP & CIO, Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center  
When dealing with real-time predictive analysis the more comprehensive the data set is the higher the probability of the systems to generate early detection of diseases and other key metrics in disease management.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Chase Hensel, Co-FounderMichelle Pampin, CEO ,   
Welkin Health configures patient programs into workflows that tell health workers when to do what, ensuring patients get care exactly when they need it. Welkin is patient management software, which guides medical teams to better care. Explicitly...  Read more
By Bill Bunker, CEO,   
Navigating Cancer is a leader in oncology patient relationship management (PRM) and enables oncologists to deliver better patient care and improve outcomes. Their PRM platform, Navigating Care™, offers multiple methods of communication designed...  Read more
By Shacey Petrovic, President & CEO,   
Omnipod DASH System (from Insulet Corporation) provides a unique alternative to traditional insulin delivery methods that brings simplicity and freedom to people living with diabetes. Insulet Corporation, headquartered in Massachusetts, is an...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Phillip Snider, Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Guthrie  
If you want to trace back to the original wearable technology, you’d have to go back to the 1200s when eyeglasses were first invented.  Read more
By Homer Pien, Ph.D. Chief Scientific Officer, Diagnosis and Treatment, Philips  
Across the healthcare continuum today, there is growing pressure to transform the delivery system into one that achieves better outcomes at lower costs, and to do so in a more personalized and patientfriendly way.  Read more