Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, March 19,2020

Feature of the Week

Patient activation, strongly related to care management, demonstrates great potential in enhancing care and cutting costs.  Read more
Delving into the age the self-care, the healthcare industry is now uncovering technology-lit ways to enhance patient participation.  Read more
Analytics can lend an edge to population health management by helping define its strategies better.  Read more


By Money Atwal, CFO / CIO at HHSC- East HI Region  
Healthcare is an unpredictable business and we are anticipating and trying to remain responsive to the changes occurring in the industry.  Read more
By Suma Gaddam, SVP, CIO, Care New England Health System  
You may have heard the term “variability” used in multiple contexts before. Oxford dictionary defines the term variability as a lack of consistency or fixed pattern; liability to vary or change.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Brad Harlow, CEO,   
A WA-based medical device manufacturer, Cardiac Insight, develops and provides advanced, discreetly-worn ECG sensing technology aimed at the early diagnosis of atrial fibrillation (AFib) and other heart conditions. The company has developed a...  Read more
By Ken Newton, COO,   
The company is focused on revenue cycle management and collection of old Accounts Receivable (A/R) through analysis and formulation of effective plans of action for A/R clean-up. With an expert team that specializes in revenue cycle management and...  Read more
By Carl Mays II, President and CEO,   
ClaimCare is focused on one mission: “To collect the maximum revenue for a client as fast as possible while helping to alleviate costs and hassle for the client’s organization.” In business for 30 years and 100% USA-based, ClaimCare...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Andy Gaudette, SVP, HMS  
At this year’s Gartner Tech Growth and Innovation conference, the primary message was “Make it Digital, Make it Programmable, Make it Smart  Read more
By Edward Kersh, Medical Director for Telemedicine, Sutter Health  
The first attempts at home monitoring utilized a telephone land line, a scale, a pad and a pencil  Read more