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In 1983, two families in Italy led by Ugo De Luca and Luigi Roveda set out to create In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) kits with the hope of revitalizing Clinical Chemistry, Immunology, and Molecular Biology. They envisioned forming an alliance that would benefit humanity at a grander scale through their combined expertise in chemistry, in addition to providing faster diagnostic solutions. Today, this same vision has materialized into the industry leader, Sentinel Diagnostics, strengthened by the prosperous partnership with trailblazers such as Abbott, Beckman- Coulter, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Roche, and Siemens, Sysmex, and more.

And, the family legacy remains etched in the canvas of time, now passed on to the next generation - Filippo De Luca and Matteo Roveda.

“All the customers or the partners that engage with us immediately recognize Sentinel as an organization for first processes and innovation in the future,” begins Marco Buonaguidi, Head of Sales and Marketing at Sentinel Diagnostics. “It is because of this structure and hierarchy of development that our partners can rely on us for any requirement that may arise.” Mr Buonaguidi’s words carry within them a strong inclination to support the IVD sector in developing molecular diagnostic solutions, in turn helping the healthcare sector combat untold health crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Case in point, the company’s STAT-NAT® kits prove to be highly effective in detecting the UK variant (B.1.1.7), the South African variant (B.1.351), and the Brazilian (P.1) and the more recent Omicron variant of the disease, showcasing their exceptional analytical and clinical capabilities.

All the customers or the partners that engage with us immediately recognize that Sentinel as an organization for first processes and innovation in the future

Sentinel’s ability to respond to the immediate need, and more importantly, sustain its innovative efforts in developing newer diagnostics kits to curb the spread of the virus speaks volumes of the company’s scientific, clinical, and technological acumen.Mr Buonaguidi’ emphasizes that the company is always on its toes to operate with newer standards and regulations, which IVDR could introduce into the healthcare system.

In a healthcare network characterized by the constant shift in regulation, Sentinel diagnostics serves as the bridge of innovation, acting as a conduit of technological continuity and bringing in the sense of reliability for clients and partners alike. “While we provide our clients all the necessary OEM business, our 180-strong team, all based here in Milan, gives our clients the ability to follow up on new opportunities, projections and innovations with agility and technological competency,” adds Mr Buonaguidi. The company is soon coming up with new technologies for molecular diagnostic environment and Mass spectrometry, which are critical to imparting readiness into inherent competencies nurtured by the company.

For instance, the laboratory division of Sentinel Diagnostics comprehends the following product lines: Molecular Biology, Clinical Chemistry& Immunology, FIT Systems (Fecal Immunochemical Test), and Haemostasis. The FIT System, in particular, has been pivotal in screening colorectal cancer, with the company launching additional assays for faecal metrics. This technology alone provides additional insights into the potential threats related to gastrointestinal areas. Similarly, the company’s COVID-19 diagnostics kits and methodology showcased both its readiness and resilience in addressing the need of the hour. The company is also on the verge of launching a sample-to-results system to monitor and check for infections among patients with transplants.

“Here at Sentinel, we serve as craftsmen chemical formulations for diagnostic kits, and the diversity of our portfolio speaks for itself,” adds Mr Buonaguidi. “With that, we have also developed a great understanding of the potential threats that surround the healthcare system, particularly the molecular biology, chemistry, gastrointestinal disease, and more.” This comprehension serves as the bedrock of innovation within the IVDR space per regulatory requirements.

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Sentinel Diagnostics develops first processes, diagnostics kits and molecular diagnostic solutions, all the while developing innovative technologies to support the healthcare industry

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