Stockert: Targeting Chronic Pain

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Klaus Welte, CEO, StockertKlaus Welte, CEO
Chronic pain is a major personal and economical burden, affecting approx. 20% of the adult population in Europe. The majority of patients suffers from musculoskeletal pain in the back, shoulders or neck. Further common types of chronic pain include migraine, chronic headaches, as well as cancer pain. The direct and indirect healthcare costs caused by chronic pain disorders are expected to make up 2-3 % of the cross-European GDP (500 billion € in 2020).

A common treatment for chronic pain has been drug therapy, including opioid based medications that are unsuitable for long-term use due to the risk of addiction.

Klaus Welte is CEO of Stockert, a medtech company based in Freiburg, Germany specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of nerve stimulators, radiofrequency generators and disposables for various clinical applications.

Since first entering the pain therapy market with the NEURO N50 nearly 30 years ago, Stockert have developed market-leading solutions for regional anesthesia (Stimuplex HNS12; Distributed by B BRAUN) and cardiac electrophysiology (SmartAblate; Distributed by Johnson and Johnson).

RF denervation is a minimally invasive procedure, which involves stimulation to localize the nerve carrying the pain signals and localized heating using RF-current to disrupt those signals.

The method can be applied to treat various types of pain syndromes, including back pain, shoulders, knee and other types of joint pain. The treatment is available in many clinics, requires only local anesthesia and is often performed in less than 20 minutes, with pain relief commonly lasting weeks or months and often re-enabling patients to continue physiotherapy to address the root-cause of the underlying conditions.
  • There is an urgent need for more refined approaches to chronic pain management

“That’s why we’re once again turning our focus to pain therapy and developing the NX50”, which combines a 4-channel nerve stimulator and RF-generator with the latest safety features, including grounding pad contact quality monitoring, optimized usability and touch screen interface for streamlined operation.


Freiburg, Germany

Klaus Welte, CEO

Stockert develops and produces innovative, safe and user-friendly solutions for minimally invasive therapy methods to improve the quality of life of patients and their families. Stockert has a passion for technology and quality, reflected in the development and production of Stockert's medical technology solutions for minimally invasive treatments. The company's products save lives and help improve the health of millions of patients around the world. By supporting preventive treatment methods, Stockert makes an active contribution to relieving the burden on society and the healthcare system, researching new technologies for the treatment methods of tomorrow