Analyte Health: Pioneering Online Diagnostic Services

Kevin Weinstein, CEO, Analyte HealthKevin Weinstein, CEO
In today’s world, the healthcare industry is regularly characterized as being behind the times when it comes to meeting patients’ 21st century expectations. This is certainly true in the world of diagnostics. For example, to get a simple cholesterol test can take up to 3-4 weeks. First a consumer must call their doctor for an appointment, which takes up to 24 days according to a recently released survey. Then after the inconvenience of an office visit, a patients waits another 5-7 days to receive results, often in a format that is hard to understand.

Chicago-based Analyte Health is pioneering a new way to help consumers live healthier lives by providing easier access to and understanding of lab tests. Using the online Analyte Health platform, consumers can either obtain same day lab tests at over 3,000 locations nationwide or receive a convenient at-home test kit via mail.
Kevin Weinstein, CEO of Analyte Health, says, “While technology is reshaping the healthcare industry in many ways, access to patient diagnostics is one area which still relies on an out-dated workflow and process.” Combining technology and services, Analyte Health aims to provide consumers with more information and convenient tools to get easy access to their diagnostic health information and thus manage health better.

Analyte Health’s services allow patients to use same day at-the-lab testing or at-home collection tests, across of a wide range of health conditions such as digestive health, general wellness, family planning and fertility, competitive fitness, neurological disorders, allergies, genetic screening and ancestry, pharmacogenetics, and sexual health. Coupled with that, Analyte Health’s sister company—Analyte Physician Group, a telehealth firm—oversees the testing process with the help of their online physicians and provides guidance on the test reports over the phone.

Other healthcare stakeholders are taking notice of the success of Analyte Health’s online diagnostic service model. The company has partnerships with market leaders in Telehealth, online health publishing, and pharmaceuticals, as well as the nation’s largest reference labs. As an example, through Analyte Health’s collaboration with Teladoc, the largest telehealth service provider in the U.S. patients seeking telemedicine advice from online physicians can now easily arrange for lab tests via the telehealth visit. After requesting a test, patients using the Teladoc platform will be directed to a specimen collection location, and will have access to lab results within three days. This accessibility helps physicians not only confirm diagnosis related to acute and chronic care, and behavioral health and preventive health much faster, but also ensures accurate treatments are provided to patients.

In addition to helping patients seeking wellness information, Analyte Health’s revolutionary online diagnostic platform dramatically shrinks the time required to generate awareness of chronic and rare diseases like multiple sclerosis. “Our recent partnership with IQuity, a Vanderbilt University spinoff, is a perfect example to illustrate how we are able to achieve this,” asserts Weinstein. IQuity has discovered a breakthrough RNA analytics process, IQIsolate, that provides more than 90 percent accuracy in confirming a suspected autoimmune diagnosis and yet not many physicians or patients are aware of this innovation. Partnering with IQuity, Analyte Health is able to drive awareness of the IQIsolate test directly among patients that may be experiencing symptoms and looking for a simple blood-based test to help guide a diagnosis.

Analyte Health is committed to continue improving its customer-oriented value proposition and continues to launch new tests and online assets to better serve consumers. Concurrently, Analyte Health is aggressively pursuing numerous partnerships with healthcare stakeholders and pharmaceutical companies, to help them accomplish their respective missions.

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Kevin Weinstein, CEO

Analyte Health has combined technology and services to pioneer industry’s first online diagnostic service