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Connected Healthcare

The tech-savvy leaders are leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and Virtual Reality to render next-gen solutions to patients. Usage of telemedicine, digital sensors, biotelemetry, virtual rehabilitation, and the intelligent fabric has become ubiquitous, and the shift from paper-based to Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) is accelerating at a rapid pace.

Furthermore, the emergence of connected healthcare in the scene has shown immense promise to increase hospital operational efficiency, patient safety, and staff satisfaction. With connected security, we will land in a world where data, devices, and applications will be connected with medicine and people seamlessly and securely. Connected healthcare enables physicians to take patient-centered care decisions with comprehensive health data. It will take healthcare solutions to all new level, and pulse oximetry, neurological monitoring, sleep monitors, and wearable fitness devices will act as the catalyst for the growth.

Amidst these scenarios, cutting-edge technologies will persuade healthcare organizations to rethink business models, operations, workforce needs, and cybersecurity risks.

In this scenario, the incumbent healthcare institutes will look for right technology partners that can aid them to meet the dynamic needs of markets. Keeping this in mind, we at the MD Tech Review have come up with this edition on Healthcare Technology.

    Top Companies

  • Provides a web-based healthcare management platform designed to streamline business processes, maximize billable hours, manage compliance, and adapt to a changing regulatory environment

  • Designs and implements user friendly healthcare technology solutions at an economic rate

  • Analyte Health has combined technology and services to pioneer industry’s first online diagnostic service

  • Provides innovative, comprehensive solutions that drive efficient and rapid therapy initiation and increased patient engagement