NavisHealth: Smartphone Technology Solutions Delivering Patient Engagement

Kit Sun, Founder & CEO, NavisHealthKit Sun, Founder & CEO
Healthcare technology has come a long way, from managing heavy log books to the era of digitalization where vast amounts of patient and medical data can be stored, compiled, and retrieved daily. Currently, there is a need to effectively share medical data across organizational boundaries, driving towards quality patient care. Amidst the need for interoperability, healthcare providers face an unprecedented array of challenges, including strict adherence to government regulation and cost containment, often hampering the quality of the patient experience. Designed to address these issues, NavisHealth delivers cost-effective, secure, patient engagement solutions, which seamlessly integrate into their customers’ existing systems. “Our enterprise digital health technology helps patients connect with their providers and become active participants in their healthcare via mobile devices,” begins Kit Sun, CEO, NavisHealth.
Merging data from various providers’ Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), the company’s data agnostic solutions make it easy for patients to have a complete centralized view of their personal health record through their smartphones. NavisHealth’s flagship product, Engage, is a hospital grade mobile health platform, certified by The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, helping hospitals and clinics to increase communication with their patients.

“Designed specifically for patients, NavisHealth provides patients with secure access to their medical record with fingerprint technology or 4 digit PIN for iPhone and Android devices,” says Sun. “We safeguard sensitive health information and adhere to the health regulation standard.” The app does not store any protective health information on the device and there is no invasion of private data even if the device is stolen. Being a single point of access to hospital and clinic records, the platform consists of features such as appointment scheduling, online bill payment, and is multi-language ready.” In addition, while NavisHealth provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for patients, hospitals can collect numerous types of patient entered data due to NavisHealth’s integration with Apple Health and Google Fit applications.”

“We have found with our latest customer launch that patients are reluctant to sign up on web portals and prefer the easy access to their smartphone to help guide their healthcare. Several of our hospital clients have indicated that there is a dramatic increase in smartphone app usage because existing patient portals do not provide patients with intuitive navigation and effortless accessibility. Our smart app was much more convenient than the web portal and patients increasingly signed up for it,” notes Sun.

Furthermore, the company’s analytics and compliance solutions make the NavisHealth app more beneficial for healthcare providers. Navis Health’s Streamline Analytics is a cloud-based reporting service, transforming data into easy-to-use and actionable metrics-driven analytics. The company’s Compliance Manager protects end-to-end transmission and encryption methodology which means data is secured on any tablets and mobile devices.

Navis Health’s product suite empowers patients to communicate more closely with their caregivers to better manage their overall healthcare experience. Forging ahead, this digital health company strategizes on releasing care coordination and management features in order to deliver a digital therapy experience. “We are planning to give patients a standard approach towards treatment through our new features, making the Navis Health app more precise and personal for doctors, patients, and care teams,” he concluded.



Kit Sun, Founder & CEO

Enterprise digital health technology that helps patients connect with their providers and become active participants in their healthcare via mobile devices