Total Communicator Solutions, Inc: Creating a Contextual Care Continuum

Technology: A Business Driver

The healthcare tech industry is riding on the wave of digital transformation courtesy the increase in the use of technology in the healthcare spectrum. The advantages that technology has provided to healthcare are manifold. Technology infiltration has revolutionized the way patients are getting treated but also transformed everything from the diagnosis of a disease to care delivery and even follow-ups. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that there are several new companies developing new products or services which would help healthcare services provide better and more efficient care to their patients. For this, these startups look to leverage the advancements in technology to proactively improve healthcare while also improving the people’s standard of living.

Companies have started to tap into power technologies such as AI, NLP, cloud, blockchain, and more to provide better care to their patients. Solutions that leverage cloud to help doctors and medical personnel consolidate the data regarding their patients have been developed so that they get a complete overview of their patients, including past illnesses and other ongoing treatments. Additionally, new solutions have also been released in the market that first take into consideration the present medical conditions of the patients with chronic diseases and then come up with effective changes in their lifestyle to help them in their treatment.

To help organizations select the best healthcare, MD Tech Review magazine has come forth with a special edition on solution vendors. The list of companies provided will help your company analyze the best solution provider that will boost your business while also helping them to serve their clients efficiently.

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    Top Companies

  • Provides a SaaS-based, HIPAA compliant, EMR, practice management, and telehealth solution

  • Source of affordable, dynamic, patient-centered IT solutions designed to address secure/ encrypted information sharing across web

  • Enterprise digital health technology that helps patients connect with their providers and become active participants in their healthcare via mobile devices

  • Payspan is the nation’s leading provider of healthcare reimbursement and payment automation services, connecting 750 health plans, 1.3 million provider payees and 1 million consumers