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Accelerating Next-Gen Healthcare

Today’s tech-savvy leaders are leveraging disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and virtual reality to render next-gen solutions for patients. Usage of telemedicine, digital sensors, biotelemetry, virtual rehabilitation, and the intelligent fabric has also become ubiquitous, and the shift from paper-based to electronic medical records (EMRs) is accelerating at a rapid pace. Furthermore, the emergence of connected healthcare in the scene has shown immense promise to increase hospital operational efficiency, patient safety, and staff satisfaction. With connected security, we will land in a world where data, devices, and applications will be connected with medicine and people seamlessly and securely. Connected healthcare enables physicians to take patient-centered care decisions with comprehensive health data. It will take healthcare solutions to all new level, and pulse oximetry, neurological monitoring, sleep monitors, and wearable fitness devices will act as the catalyst for the growth. Cutting-edge technologies will persuade healthcare organizations to rethink business models, operations, workforce needs, and cybersecurity risks. In this scenario, the incumbent healthcare institutes will look for right technology partners that can aid them to meet the dynamic needs of markets. Keeping this in mind, we at the MD Tech Review have come up with this edition on Healthcare Technology. We hope the valuable information and the innovative solutions from leading companies will help you in effectively in making informed decisions for your business endeavors.

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    Top Companies

  • Provides an interoperability platform that integrates with multiple medical tools and systems, including EHR/EMR to reduce error and speed data management for studies

  • A provider of clinical decision support and alerting tools to hospitals that help in reducing overall healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes

  • Better connect care teams with their patients by improving visibility, transparency and trust

  • Software provider for the healthcare industry and EMR solution for Cardiac, thoracic surgery fields

  • Sciformix Corporation is a Scientific Process Organization (SPO) that provides biopharmaceutical, generic pharmaceutical, consumer product, medical device, contract research and healthcare companies with scientific knowledge-based services. Throughout the entire drug development cycle, the company partners with customers to provide a wide range of services from study design to post-marketing monitoring and marketing support. By employing scientific rigor in combination with streamlined processes, optimal technology, and efficient people practices, the company delivers premium quality and compliance across the services. The company hires best-in-class strategies, technologies, and expertise that speed up business, drive higher performance levels, and foster innovation. The company works within and outside the organization to maximize shared knowledge and add value to each other and their customers