3 Breakthrough Technologies Revitalizing Nursing

Although technology advancements are not cure-all healthcare solutions, innovations in medical technology are positively changing the field of nursing. 

FREMONT, CA: As technology advances, so does its influence on Medical care. Nurses must now be tech-savvy to navigate online charting systems and tools to update health records, schedule care, and many more. Technology advances are not likely to slow down, and given that, nursing professionals will find many of these medical technologies helping them to improve patient care. Below are three tech developments transforming medical care.

• Automated IV Pumps

Automated IV pumps control the dosages and drips given to patients. This device allows nurses to change the drip amounts and medication doses, so patients do not have to wait for changes. Automated IV pumps also speed up nursing processes and can be crucial if there is a need for an immediate adjustment of drug dosage. Changing the method of medication through automation also removes the human error that could present issues for nursing professionals.

• Portable Monitors

Portable monitors allow nurses to test or check patients even if they are on the move or busy helping other patients. These monitors can track vital health signals like ECG, respiratory rates, and oxygen saturation while transmitting the data back to a central monitor. This means that nursing professionals will get an alarm notification if there is any case of emergency. 

• Smart Beds

Smart bed technology can help nurses track the patient’s movement, weight, and other health vitals. This technology plays a significant role in keeping patients safe and comfortable during extended hospital stays. The smart bed gives nurses a monitor in a room that provides them with regular updates and communications on patients’ activities. It can also help identify patterns, which can lead to the diagnosis of a disease. With this smart bed technology, nurses will have to spend less time coming in and attending patient needs. 

As medical technology changes medical care at a rapid pace, nurses also need to change with it.

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