3 Digital-Driven Medical Device Trends

Digitalization is adding immense value to the medical device market by encouraging data-driven innovations.

FREMONT, CA: Digital transformation is influencing the industries indiscriminately. Medical device space is not an exception to the above trend, either. However, the digital transformation would require the stakeholders in medical space to shift towards a flexible and risk-taking attitude. While digital transformation in medical care continues to gain pace, here are some of the recent trends in medical device markets that are driven by technology as well as by customer expectations.

Digital Data Computations

The prominence of data is driving the medical device innovators towards data-driven digital innovations. The healthcare sector is increasingly incorporating diagnostic imaging, electronic medical records (EMR), and health apps. Data is also influencing the design of the latest medical instruments. Digitalization can not only enable the innovators to design better but also allow them to reduce manufacturing costs and increase the operational efficiency of the devices.

 User-Centric Devices

Conventionally, innovations in medical technology centered on health care and healthcare professionals such as staff or doctors. Digitalization is enabling medical device innovations to focus also on customer-centric solutions that are powered by the easy availability of user data. Digitalization is also boosting the emergence of simple and easy-to-use medical devices. Based on medical professionals’ feedbacks, the design of the medical devices can be further improved.

Wearable Medical Devices

Digital transformation is enabling companies to collect health data from medical devices that include wearable technology. Real-time patient data can be obtained with the help of these devices, and appropriate medical attention can be offered to the patients. For instance, a patient who recently underwent a surgery can be discharged earlier, and the wearable can track the patient’s health updates. In such a scenario, patients will only need to visit hospitals in case of a major health issue, thereby relieving pressure from healthcare due to reduced headcounts.   

Thus, digitalization can offer significant advantages to the medical device sphere enabling improved instrument designs and affordable costs.

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