3D Body Mapping Illuminates Futuristic Possibilities for the Medical Sector!

Unlocking new potentials in medical technology, 3D body mapping offers scanning processes which are non-invasive, fast and accurate.  

FREMONT, CA: 3D body mapping is a revolutionary technique for the medical field, which can analyze the human body accurately and generate a very detailed virtual model on a monitor. The method can capture, measure, and track evolutions of the human body and deliver benefits to the medical professionals by identifying any health issues with optimal accuracy. Today, 3D technology enables doctors around the world to scan the patient's body instantly and detect any need for medical treatment.

· Safety-First Approach  

The essential factor of 3D body mapping is that it is safe and harmless to the human body. As some medical procedures like X-rays and MRIs use radiations to produce a picture, which always has the chances of carrying risk. 3D scanners use photos, light or a laser beam to capture the position of a real object and register data in virtual reality.

· Quick Diagnosis

The instant data generation ability of the 3D technique in the medical firm can save one's life at every minute count. It allows the doctor to gather all critical data about the patient's condition in a matter of seconds and have a better view to improve and save lives without wasting valuable time. Doctors can diagnose different diseases and disorders at the much earlier stage, buying more time for the patients to get cured and stay fit.

· High Customization and Portability

With the increased accuracy, the future of made to measure has become highly personalized and more precise to cast. The integration of this technology into mobile phones make it easy to get the exact shape of the limb, and a 3D model can be developed and then, speeding up the whole process. The technology, especially for medical applications are portable. The flexibility to take advantages helps doctors around the world to reach and connect with more people and provide medical assistance, regardless of the physical location.

In recent years, 3D scanning technique is implemented in numerous healthcare applications like designing and orthotic devices for patient's individual anatomy. 3D scanning techniques are already adopted by various medical schools, institutions, and hospitals. 3D scanning offers a safe and quick diagnosis to bring the comfort of customized aids to save or improve their quality of life.

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