3DHISTECH Launches Product Line for Diagnostic Pathology

3DHISTECH, the Digital Pathology Company launches a new diagnosticpathology product line tailored to the needs of routine pathology laboratories.

Budapest, Hungary - 3DHISTECH launches a new product line dedicated to the special requirements of diagnostic pathology.

Although 3DHISTECH’s wide range of digital pathology solutions has traditionally been used for clinical pathology purposes as well, the ever-increasing demand from the diagnostic pathology segment hasprompted 3DHISTECH to develop a completely new product line tailored to the special requirements of routine pathology.

The PANNORAMIC® Pathology Diagnostic System is a new, integrated digital pathology solution from 3DHISTECH that empowers the pathologist to deliver a diagnosis quickly.It is an all-in-one solution tailored to the needs of routine pathology laboratories, helping them achieve higher throughput, lower turnaround times and contributing to faster diagnosis.

The PANNORAMIC® Pathology Diagnostic System consists of the following components:

• PANNORAMIC® Pathology Management System (including integrated CaseManagerTM) for comprehensive case management and image analysis, and

• One (or more) of three PANNORAMIC® Diagnostic Scanners optimized for routine pathology use to suit the annual throughput of the laboratory, and

• Optional integration services for a seamless connection to existing laboratory (LIS) and hospital information systems (HIS)

Key features of the PANNORAMIC® Pathology Diagnostic System include

• CaseManagerTM pathology information management system extracting patient data from the LIS and sending the pathologist’s final report back to the LIS

• Scanners using a new optical system optimized for clinical samples

• One-touch automatic scanning

• Patient and staining information in the clinical viewer application to avoid case confusion

• Built-in IVD approved clinical image analysis modules (Er, Pr, Ki67, HER2) specifically for breast tissue and additional (research use only) modules for complementary analysis

• Advanced cybersecurity features

• CentralLogService application for remote monitoring of all scanning processes and user activities

• Support for DICOM image format

• HIS/LIS integration option

• Archival on PACS servers

Annamária Csizmadia, Head of Digital Pathology Product Line said,

“While researchers require maximum flexibility and versatility, the routine pathology market demands a fully automated, easy-to-use and robust system enabling high throughput and quick diagnosis – at the same time, excellent image quality is still key. These are precisely the benefits that our new digital pathology product line offers.”

Béla Molnár, MD, DSc, CEO of 3DHISTECH added,

”I’m confident that our new PANNORAMIC® Pathology Diagnostic System will help pathologists manage their cases even more efficiently, contributing to faster and more accurate diagnosis, and, ultimately, to saving more lives.”