4 Promises Telehealth Brings to the Elderly

Telehealth has high potentials for helping the elderly by offering opportunities to make healthcare more relaxed and more accessible.  

FREEMONT, CA: Telehealth is picking up momentum in the medical industry. The convenience and savings on cost and time are helping to raise the popularity of this technology. With clear benefits for patients, telehealth is likely to grow its rate of adoption in the coming years. There are many benefits to its widespread adoption for patients of all ages. The demographic that particularly stands to benefit from it is senior population. Top benefits of telehealth for the aged are listed below.

· Monitoring Chronic Conditions

With mobile phone apps and other devices that can monitor vital signs such as blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, and more physicians can receive real-time data about senior patients' health. This could play a crucial role in chronic health conditions like diabetes, dementia, heart disease, to name a few. Telehealth creates a communication channel between patients and care providers for effective monitoring.

· Providing Autonomy and Independence

At-home health monitoring devices enable elderly patients to live independently at home. These devices can monitor heart rate, blood pressure, and many others. It can also send alerts to physicians and other emergency responders as per requirement. This eliminates the need for routine visits to the medical practitioner and instead provides the comfort and independence of the care supplied at home.

· Eliminating Transportation Difficulties

The frequency of the aged visiting the doctor can vary. Depending on the purpose of the visit, a check-in with the physician using telehealth application may be all that is needed. This can save time and stress of having to travel to-and-from the clinic, thereby eliminating the difficulties associated with transportation.

· Round-the-Clock Coverage

The care management tool with telehealth offers round-the-clock coverage. It means that many service providers and telehealth applications offer consultations 24x7. It is an excellent benefit for elderly patients who can get assistance whenever they wish to.

The above-stated benefits clearly show that a telehealth platform can help the elderly get complete access to treatment and care.

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