4 Technologies Revitalizing Dermatology

Is technological advancement the reason behind the many changes occurring in the dermatology landscape?

FREMONT, CA: Like any other field driven by the advancements of technology, dermatology has undergone profound changes in the last few decades. This article will focus on the latest technologies in the dermatology that are revolutionizing the way dermatology practices are carried out, and care is offered to patients. 

• Big Data

Dermatologists have recognized the vast potential of big data to bring lasting change to their specialty care delivery modules. A database can connect data of millions of patients from thousands of dermatologists. It eases the pain of reporting and facilitates medical practitioners to improvise the quality of care they provide.

• Robotics

Amazing machines have appeared on the stage of medicine lately. But, the potential of robots is helping aesthetic dermatologists, among others. Robots can come to help in treating skin cancer and other skin problems with laser therapies. The accuracy and consistency in robot-assisted laser surgeries are found to be superior to manually guided surgeries. Shortly, laser therapies by robotic surgeons with humans controlling the process will become more common.

• Deep Learning

Deep learning algorithms are found good at recognizing specific images. Dermatologists today can use deep learning technology to diagnose melanoma and other types of skin cancer faster, more accurate, and preferably without the need for many biopsies. Now, researchers are on developing deep learning algorithms that are smartphone-compatible, bringing reliable skin cancer diagnoses to fingertips.

• 3D Printing

3D Printing is the answer to organ shortages of all kinds, including the skin. Innovators are working on it, and plenty of research is going on. Today, there are prototypes for a 3D bioprinter that can create an entirely functional human skin. 3D printing can ensure that critical tissue shortages will never again hamper the tasks of dermatologists.

The vast potential of digital technologies is all set to change the landscape of dermatology. A lot is going on in dermatology, and dermatologists should prepare in time for the technological changes before they start swiping through the specialty.