AI in Healthcare: Defining the Physician Toolkit

FREMONT, CA: AI aims to resemble the cognitive functions of humans. It brings about a paradigm shift in healthcare, driven by increased availability of healthcare data and rapid progress in analytical techniques. It is expected that 2019 will be a game changer in healthcare while AI will shape the physician’s toolkit. The Artificial Intelligence healthcare market is projected to reach $34 billion worldwide by 2025, according to a Tractica report.

AI is used to help doctors identify the severity of what is wrong with the patient and explain why they experience symptoms. This helps doctors decide on the most effective treatment for the patient. Coronary heart disease and cancer are the two best examples of AI's influence.

In conjunction with powerful computer algorithms, AI-enabled models aheatre also used. This solves complex blood flow equations and assesses the impact of blockages, helping doctors to determine whether enough blood reaches the heart vessel by vessel. The level of detail provided will also help to ensure that doctors understand the extent of the disease and develop the best care.

AI-trained detection algorithms help doctors to identify tumor limits in imaging scans for cancer patients. AI tools map the organ on each image and create a 3D model that can be evaluated by a doctor to detect tumors accurately. This practice helps doctors become more efficient and accelerates cancer diagnosis reliability and allows for more targeted treatment.

Once patients leave direct care, AI-based monitoring tools and apps are used, which are integrated into gadgets or smartwatches to monitor their health. This will enable consumers to share health information securely with their doctors.

AI will also improve the workflow of the doctor by increasing their efficiency and trust in patient care decisions. AI technology companies will also develop tools that can be approved through appropriate regulatory procedures through a holistic understanding of medical problems.

More doctors are open to research and adopt technologies that use AI in their own practice and the hospitals for which they work. The partnership between AI and physicians in healthcare will become more prevalent in 2019.

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