CANet Collaborates with Clearbridge Mobile to Introduce COVID-19 Healthcare Web App

The web-app launched within its four-week deadline and hosts various features that enable CANet's VIRTUES platform to play a defined role in COVID-19 patient-driven care.

FREMONT, CA: Clearbridge Mobile played a vital role in assisting the Cardiac Arrhythmia Network of Canada (CANet) launch, VIRTUES, an online web-based application developed to reduce emergency department visits and improve COVID-19 patient-driven care. With many of Canada's telehealth solutions under tremendous strain due to the pandemic, the need for a digital solution was inevitable and presented a fantastic opportunity for both organizations to partner and collectively support Canadian citizens and frontline healthcare professionals.

"As a made-in-Canada solution, partnering with a local North American vendor was extremely important to us," says CANet CEO and Scientific Director Dr. Anthony Tang. "This ensured we would have unrestricted access to their team of experts whenever needed, and allowed for open and transparent communication. Clearbridge Mobile was very customer-centric and dedicated to a refined process that helped us achieve success in launching this app."

VIRTUES allows patients and healthcare professionals to better monitor, triage, and manage their treatment while limiting face-to-face interaction.

Key features include:

The ability to record, monitor, and track symptoms within the platform

The ability to display patterns in the symptom progression of individual patients

The ability for healthcare professionals to communicate care plans remotely

The ability for nurses to alert and triage patients' recovery

"Time was of the essence with this project," says Clearbridge Mobile CEO Deepak Chopra. "Given the circumstances, it was imperative for us to bring the app to market ASAP. Our design thinking approach, and agile software development expertise allowed us to work quickly and iteratively to leverage our in-house team's knowledge to meet this demand. As a company, it is our goal to develop applications that have a positive impact on the lives of the user, and I think this platform holds tremendous value for both healthcare professionals and COVID-19 positive patients."

The partnership with Clearbridge Mobile-enabled CANet to have access to industry experts with a deep understanding of the needs of the healthcare sector and in the principles of interaction-design, resulting in a user experience that empathizes with all users while still addressing the operational impact to hospitals and clinics to reduce inefficiencies and costs.