DignifiHealth Raises $7 Million to Scale Onboarding of Clients and Provide Improved Customer Service

Fremont, CA : DignifiHealth, a company that has integrated leading digital health technologies with its proprietary big-data intelligence platform, has raised $7 million in seed funding to scale the delivery of its revolutionary suite of healthcare products on a national scale.

After years of program development and beta pilots, DignifiHealth was established in 2020 by Co-founders Dr. Dino Beckett, Richard Queen, and Randall Ussery in Williamson, West Virginia, to bring community healthcare into the 21st century and provide better care to patients.

DignifiHealth has bridged the best of Silicon Valley tech with the on-the-ground, underserved community health needs to create a seamless experience for patients, employers, providers, and healthcare systems through products that include Telehealth, Pharmacy Benefit Management, Chronic Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring, and more. All DignifiHealth's products are fully integrated to deliver on-demand intelligence to providers and patients to prevent unnecessary acute care and reduce costs and complexity across the entire healthcare supply chain.

The $7 million in seed capital, raised from multiple investors that include leading healthcare executives and professionals, will be used to hire key team members, scale the onboarding of clients and deliver excellent customer service.

Dr. Beckett, Co-founder, Advisory Chief Medical Officer, and Board Member, says, "What began as a local crusade to provide best-in-class healthcare at my West Virginia-based practice can now be delivered at scale." He continued, "DignifiHealth has one clear mandate - to drive healthy outcomes for an oftentimes underserved community population, leveraging data and intelligence, leading-edge software, and medical professionals on the ground. While we have seen technology improve over the years, we have never seen it contextualized or integrated in the appropriate manner to solve needs on the ground - until now."

Randall Ussery, DignifiHealth Co-founder, Board Member, and Managing Partner of Silicon Valley and Nashville-based L37 Ventures, concludes, "DignifiHealth's technology is transformative, providing a bridge to a new 21st century blended community healthcare model, one that serves all healthcare stakeholders, leveraging actionable data, improving lives and fundamentally shifting the economics in healthcare to drive a sustainable future."

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