and Ignyte Healthcare Enter into Partnership to Help Create Safer Return to Workplace

Ignyte will leverage Passport by enabling customers to securely assess their health status on mobile devices in a private and easily customizable way.

Fremont, CA:, an enterprise AI platform accelerating digital transformation in healthcare, announced that Ignyte Healthcare Strategies is now offering Passport to their more than one million customers. Passport is's privacy-first COVID-19 evaluation tool designed to create safer re-entry to the workplace.

With a vaccine already being distributed in parts of the United States, Ignyte will leverage Passport by enabling customers to securely assess their health status on mobile devices in a private and easily customizable way. This will help governments, businesses, and organizations re-open safely, resume normal operations, and maintain a healthy work environment.

As part of Ignyte's Return to Work Plan to streamline COVID-19 solutions for customers, Passport will now be included in Ignyte's portfolio of solutions that provide access to PPE, COVID-19 rapid test kits, leading PCR laboratory testing services, and several forms of virtual healthcare to help businesses navigate the pandemic.

"Every state and organization has different guidelines and Passport helps ensure our customers meet those in the most efficient and secure manner. We partnered with because of Passport's robust capabilities that put privacy front and center," said Tom Wallace Jr., founder, and CEO, Ignyte Healthcare Strategies. "The easy-to-use solution adapts to the needs of our customers and complements other offerings within our Return to Work Plan."

By enabling employees and customers to assess their health status on their mobile devices securely, Passport is able to meet the unique needs of each business, as well as county and state-specific requirements. Features allow businesses to:

  • Easily customize their employees', visitors', and customers' experience in real-time via a secure dashboard and without additional set up for the employer.
  • Employees and visitors generate a daily badge - under the form of an encrypted QR-code - that can be scanned for safe admission into the workplace.
  • By using edge computing, personal health information (PHI) entered into Passport never leaves employees' mobile phones, ensuring sensitive data remains secure and private while enabling employees to return to the workplace safely.
  • Incorporate immunization and rapid testing records once the COVID-19 vaccine is in distribution
  • Allow for custom integrations with third-party devices that are a part of existing solutions, ranging from smart handheld thermometers to thermal scanners.

"Our partnership with Ignyte helps us reach a wide set of organizations that desperately need a solution to help them safely resume operations and return to work," said Sam De Brower, co-founder and CEO of "Passport follows the main principles of our entire suite of digital health solutions. Our offerings are customizable, in real-time and preserve the privacy of each individual's sensitive health data. Through the use of edge AI, Passport offers businesses a privacy-centric solution that adapts to the evolving needs of the pandemic while protecting employees' data."