Dr Geraldine Honnet is Now Sensorion's New Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Géraldine Honnet has been appointed as the Chief Medical Officer by Sensorion.

FREMONT, CA: A pioneering clinical-stage biotech company, Sensorion has appointed gene therapy expert, Dr. Géraldine Honnet, as the Chief Medical Officer. Honnet is a medical doctor and associate from Généthon, where she spent nine years as Chief Medical Officer. She was overseeing international gene therapy clinical trials in multiple rare diseases. Géraldine Honnet was accountable for the growth of Généthon pipeline from pre-clinical to registration, leading Medical Affairs, Regulatory Affairs departments, Clinical Development, and Clinical Operations. 

Géraldine Honnet has extensive expertise in clinical trials and gene therapy in the field, which Sensorion has made enormous progress, and has become a key pillar as it continues to innovate to develop novel therapies to restore, treat and stop within the field of hearing loss disorders. Dr. Honnet served as a Medical Director at clinical research organization, Parexel International, and International Project Manager for Janssen-Cilag (Johnson & Johnson), before joining biotech company Transgene. At Transgene, she was responsible for developing gene therapy products in infectious diseases.

Sensorion is a leading clinical-stage biotech organization specializing in the development of novel therapies to treat, restore, and prevent within the field of hearing loss disorders. The company's clinical-stage portfolio includes one Phase 2 product: SENS-401 for sudden sensorineural hearing loss. Sensorion has developed a unique R&D technology platform to grow its understanding of the pathophysiology and etiology of inner ear-related diseases facilitating it to select the best targets and modalities for drug candidates. Sensorion is also working on the identification of biomarkers to enhance the diagnosis of these underserved illnesses.