Drug Detection Made Easy, Here's How

A forensic science company has unveiled a new platform for constant detection of explosive residue in people, objects, and surfaces.

FREMONT, CA: A global leader in the development of Drug, Drug Precursor, and Explosive Detection field kits, IDenta Corp has launched TANKER. The new platform is the latest technological solution for the continuous detection of explosive residue on people, objects, and surfaces. The Tanker is a fast, reliable, and efficient way to detect explosives, designed for multiple examinations with up to 600 tests per kit. The TANKER is gaining new consumers at tens of thousands of airports and with hundreds of airlines throughout the world, looking for new solutions and high-level technology in the field of explosive detection.

IDenta Corp has developed the TANKER over the past 14 months that delivers advanced threat coverage and will be used in combination with other IDenta products in the field of explosive detection and identification. The new platform delivers unmatched sensitivity for a broad range of explosives, making it easy for users to detect threats at the highest levels. The TANKER will be debuted at IDenta Corp's Booth No. 5-H-184 in the Milipol Exhibition in Paris. The Milipol Exhibition is one of the most influential exhibitions in the world dealing with Homeland Security. The TANKER will yield a new and diverse customer base with enormous buying potential all over the world.

IDenta Corp is the pioneering detection and forensic science company with the mission of developing manufacturing and marketing on the spot field kits for the identification of drugs, precursors of drugs, explosives, and bullet-holes testing. The company's products are used all over the world with a variety of customers in every field of Defense, like police, army, airports, customs, and more. IDenta Corporation uses the most advanced science and technology to offer solutions to law enforcement, government agencies, military, and other organizations dealing with the continually changing challenges of fighting illicit drugs and terrorist threats globally.

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