Eon Launches Centralized Management to Manage Every Aspect of Lung Cancer Screening Program

Eon is dedicated to revolutionizing how healthcare data is gathered, curated, and shared among industry professionals.

FREMONT, CA: Eon, a Denver-based health-tech leader, launched Centralized Management, the only market available patient management service to fully manage every aspect of a lung cancer screening and incidental pulmonary nodule program. Centralized Management is designed to reduce time-consuming tasks utilizing automated technology and Eon's team of highly skilled providers. This allows care teams to offload resource-intensive jobs and focus solely on patient care and revenue-boosting efforts.

"It's Lung Cancer Awareness Month and we are thrilled to announce Centralized Management," said Amanda Franklin, Manager of Clinical Transformation at Eon. "Now lung programs across the country can improve efficiencies and increase patient adherence rates, which is the key to catch early-stage lung cancer. When there are checks and balances in place to ensure follow-up exams and care are scheduled, patients have a better chance of beating catastrophic disease. That's the crux of why Centralized Management is so important and another reason Eon is at the forefront of bringing it to market."

In the health-tech space, Eon is known best for its Essential Patient Management (EPM) platform, a comprehensive lung cancer screening, and incidental pulmonary nodule (IPN) identification management solution. EPM is the only solution to identify IPNs with an overall accuracy of 98.95 percent and 98.99 percent precision and longitudinally track patients according to clinical guidelines. With the addition of Centralized Management, Eon's clients have access to a team of Interventional Pulmonologists and experienced coordinators who manage everything from triaging patients, mailing letters, and ensuring life-saving exams are performed, to communicating with referring providers and tracking success.

"As an Interventional Pulmonologist, I know the challenges associated with reaching 100 percent patient adherence," said Dr. Aki Alzubaidi, founder and co-CEO of Eon. "That's why we've spearheaded Centralized Management, it's engineered to be the safety net needed to drive 100 percent adherence."

Because seven out of 10 incidental pulmonary nodules are not followed according to evidence-based guidelines, Eon works tirelessly to drive follow-up adherence and ensure lung cancer patients are captured and treated earlier when treatment is most effective. By adding Centralized Management, facilities can increase adherence rates, drive down costs, and save lives.

Eon is on a mission to raise the bar on patient adherence and give those facing lung cancer diagnoses every advantage to beat the disease. By the end of the year, Eon EPM will be live in 215 facilities across the country, and the company is expanding its technological prowess into additional incidental disease states and management. Eon's dedication and drive are fueled by the positive outcomes of early identification and catastrophic disease intervention.