Fitango Health Launches Innovative API-Based Patient Engagement Platform

Fitango's technology supports providers and payers that are transitioning to value-based care with a product suite that actively engages patients and offers them insight about the patient at home.

FREMONT, CA: Fitango Health, an Israeli-American digital health company, launched a complete library of customizable APIs, enabling providers and payers to add innovative patient management capabilities that integrate active patient engagement, telehealth, and secure messaging, health analytics and Durable Medical Equipment management. Fitango's API-based solution allows partners to easily incorporate a variety of features and functionalities into existing platforms and workflows to support a robust patient management offering.

Fitango's API solution allows organizations to expand their remote monitoring capabilities through improved patient communication while empowering patients with interactive engagement resources. These APIs can be implemented across the healthcare continuum—from prevention through post-acute and post-operative to chronic and complex care management.

The active patient engagement offering enables organizations to improve the efficacy of their virtual health solutions. Fitango's active patient engagement includes highly customizable and personalized features that go beyond traditional patient management. Fitango delivers to users the next generation of virtual care, fostering bilateral communication, and information exchange. It also provides patients with the resources they need to stay healthy at home.

Fitango uses an active approach that promotes interactive learning throughout the individual's healthcare journey rather than traditional passive forms of patient management. Providers can prescribe action plans, education plans, assessments, and Social Determinants of Health referrals. "We are excited to enable payers and providers to embed our innovative patient management layer within days," said Fitango Heath's Founder and CEO, Dr.DovBiran.

Fitango Health's robust GraphQL or Rest API simplifies all stakeholders' process to manage the full patient journey. The API functionality promotes growth and scalability for all partners while maintaining patient security and remaining HIPAA compliant. This new fully customizable experience allows healthcare providers and payers to satisfy their patients' health and wellness needs for improved integrated care.