Hadley Offers Enhanced Captioning Feature for Seeing AI to Help Visually Impaired

Hadley's Seeing AI tutorials and other technology instructional classes remain among the most popular offerings available through the newly designed Hadley.edu, which was built on many months of research and development work based on the needs, wants, and desires of visually impaired adults.

FREMONT, CA: As distance learning experts for the past 100 years, Illinois-based Hadley serves those with vision loss across the country and internationally by providing services at no cost. Hadley's practical help is offered through online audio and video-based, professionally-staffed tutorials, including a workshop series on Microsoft's Seeing AI, which can be used on iPhones and iPads to audibly read texts, identify people, and define objects and surroundings. The new captioning technology for Seeing AI can describe a range of images as accurately as humans do.

"This is a real game changer for those of us who have a hard time seeing images and faces," says Douglas Walker, Hadley's director of Research and Development and assistive technology expert. "Up to this point, those with vision impairments had to rely on voice dictation features on their smart devices and computers. The new image captioning features for Seeing AI helps them browse through social media pictures and messages, making the visual world much more accessible for those with vision loss."

At the core of the new Hadley.edu is a highly personalized approach. Visitors are invited to create their own personal account and then, after selecting contrast and font color, text sizes, and audio to their liking, are offered different learning avenues, including Daily Living, Adjusting to Vision Loss, Recreation, Braille, and Technology, such as Seeing AI. Every page has a help icon that connects users directly to a live topic expert team member during their learning experience, assuring that Hadley is there each step of the way.