HandsFree Health to Offer Fully Integrated Home Health Systems for Seniors

HandsFree Health makes intelligently designed, fully integrated health and wellness platforms, quickly becoming the benchmark for voice technology in healthcare.

Fremont, CA: HandsFree Health, provider of WellBe, a secure, HIPAA compliant, voice-enabled virtual health assistant platform, is offering the first fully integrated home health system for seniors to help them age-in-place. WellBe Medical Alert PLUS is an AI-powered system that includes both a voice assistant as well as a sleek smartwatch, connecting users with emergency services with their voice at home or via a watch button when on-the-go.

"We believe if you are paying a monthly fee you should be able to use our services every day, not just during an emergency," said Dan Messina, President, HandsFree Health. "We went beyond reactive emergency features to provide a complete solution that truly allows seniors to age in place safely."

WellBe Medical Alert PLUS disrupts the medical alert industry with additional benefits not offered in traditional emergency response devices. It includes 24/7 monitoring at-home and on-the-go, as well as integrated health features like medication reminders and the ability to track blood pressure, glucose and weight. The system will integrate with smart home devices to allow users to control key aspects of their home right from their WellBe speaker, such as plugs, lightbulbs, and small appliances. Both the smart speaker and smartwatch will receive OTA (over-the-air) updates, to include new integrations and features HandsFree Health has planned in 2021 and beyond.

"We set a price point that was competitive and offers more features and functionality than existing devices in the market, so that our WellBe Medical Alert PLUS solution is accessible to those who need it while also providing the best value," said Mike Cardillo, CEO of HandsFree Health.

Additional Features Include:

  • An extensive list of health benefits ranging from health answers to medication reminders, medical appointment reminders and pricing estimates.
  • Award-winning mobile app includes the ability for caregivers to remotely mange a loved one health and stay informed with text notifications when attention is required.
  • Medical Alert PLUS also provides hands-free calling, news reports, audiobooks, sports scores, plays music and even provides pet health answer features that help combat loneliness and isolation among seniors.