HealCo Collaborates with Envision Healthcare to Streamline Medical Office Sharing

HealCo brings together a range of parties involved in the lease agreement process, from the healthcare provider to the medical office building owner and the hospital system operator through the company's technology platform.

FREMONT, CA: The matchmaking platform that makes it easier to lease, manage, and monetize medical space is collaborating with Envision, a healthcare market leader, to simplify medical office sharing and drive down operating costs.

Aiming to relieve compliance concerns, eliminate administrative headaches, and fill the 300M square feet of medical space that goes underutilized annually, HealCo has listed the Envision property portfolio onto its comprehensive platform.

Having surpassed 1 million square feet of successfully shared medical space as of 2020, the 'Airbnb of medical space' has introduced its HealCo Enterprise dashboard, where independent physicians or large organizations can upload, list, and manage multiple properties as they are shared with HealCo's expansive provider network.

Without HealCo, companies like Envision are left with limited options to monetize underutilized space and staff time. This partnership gives providers the opportunity to find a home for their practice in an Envision facility - decreasing the overall cost of health care and ultimately bringing care to more patients.

"HealCo is thrilled to partner with Envision. Our organizations share a common goal: to support physician practice growth and facilitate access to care across the country," adds Kirat Kharode, J.D., FACHE, CEO and Co-Founder of HealCo. "Forward-thinking health care organizations like Envision are planning their future real estate needs and realizing that sharing space, resources, and time, whether in-person or through telemedicine, is the solution to optimizing healthcare delivery."

HealCo's Enterprise dashboard showcases Envision's available properties to providers who are looking for space. Through HealCo, they can expand their practices smoothly and coherently and focus on care.

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