Healthcare Providers to Deploy AI-backed Virtual Assistants

Healthcare deliverers can now optimize customer services with artificial intelligence-enabled conversational assistants.   

FREMONT, CA: The leading provider of conversational AI healthcare services, Orbita, Inc., has launched Orbita Consumer Services Accelerator™. It will assist users in deploying communication applications for consumer interaction and queries quickly and easily. The voice and chat applications will possess functionalities that will let consumers search for healthcare services and schedule appointments for the same.

Orbita Consumer Services Accelerator™ is flexible and can be readily implemented by integrating with existing backend processes. It features user-friendly and intuitive interfaces that are suitable both for technical and non-technical individuals, and through it, one can modify, extend, and customize conversational applications to optimize its capabilities. The offering also includes an analytical engine that can give insights for improving conversational abilities.

The new suite enables organizations to develop virtual assistants that take inputs through text, touch, and voice-commands and are available throughout the day. Subsequently, healthcare firms can reduce their dependence on call center-based customer care facilities. It also helps categorize queries and auto-route patients to specific departments. These features make for much-improved service delivery and satisfying, quick, and convenient support for customers. As a result, customer loyalty increases, and brand value becomes better. 

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Healthcare service providers are looking to devise solutions that will enable firms to provide consumers with a satisfactory experience and with Orbita’s Consumer Services Accelerator™, healthcare firms can easily avail, incorporate, and feature conversational chatbots on their websites and mobile app.

Orbita’s conversational AI platform for the healthcare industry is highly optimized, dynamic, and efficient. It has enabled numerous leading healthcare firms to deliver valuable virtual assistants and chatbot capabilities with its technology-proficient tools. The innovation has eased many aspects of customer service for its clients with its low code and no code approach.

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