Healthcare Triangle Launches for Healthcare Organizations to Automate Document Driven Processes

HTI reinforces healthcare progress by enabling the adoption of new technologies, data enlightenment, business agility, and response to the immediate business needs of healthcare organizations.

FREMONT, CA: Healthcare Triangle Inc. (HTI) announced its launch of, a state-of-art, advanced automatic capture solution powered by Artificial intelligence (AI) & Natural Language Processing (NLP) for document classification, information extraction, and routing. It is specifically designed for healthcare organizations - to help them automate their document-driven processes.

Artificial intelligence is changing the way data is accessed and processed within the healthcare industry. HTI, with its deep expertise in healthcare and advanced technologies, built, an automated document capture and processing solution which intelligently identifies document type, captures data, digitally transforms to a usable format, and logically routes the collected details to the line of business systems. – uses state-of-the-art public cloud artificial intelligence and machine learning to recognize and extract healthcare information from documents, faxes, and narrative reports. is designed with security and compliance as its core pillar, and it exceeds standards for handling protected health information.

"Healthcare has long been challenged by the flow of paper and deriving patient care insight from unstructured information," said Suresh Venkatachari, Chairman and CEO of Healthcare Triangle. "The power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at the core of will enable a digital transformation for our customers that will streamline workflows and improve the patient care and clinical efficiencies that play an increasingly important role in the evolution of care delivery and the patient experience."

Including in the workflow streamlines the process to improve patient care and clinical efficiencies while maintaining security and confidentiality. ensures the necessary health information is available for patient care with minimal time and labor effort.

"We listen to our healthcare clients and continue to hear about the challenge of document-based healthcare information. helps organizations unlock the data in these documents and speed up healthcare." says Joe Grinstead, Vice President of Technology for Healthcare Triangle.