HealthJoy Secures $30M in Series C Round of Funding

HealthJoy has raised $30 million to give the chatbot, Joy, a makeover of upgradation.

FREMONT, CA: A Chicago-based startup, HealthJoy, has bagged $30 million Series C round of funding. This round of funding was initiated by Health Velocity Capital along with existing investors- Chicago Ventures, U.S. Venture Partners, and Epic Ventures. HealthJoy's app directs patients to a chatbot named Joy. Joy answers questions about health benefits and routes requests for more information to the right specialists. The company provides services to help users find prescription discounts or cost-effective alternatives, and review medical bills for potential errors. The service allows members to search providers for a precise procedure like hip replacement, to find high quality, and to lower-cost providers.

HealthJoy recently added a new service that rewards patients who shop for health services. The company has focused its efforts on the market, where it served 60,000 members across different ACA insurance plans. The raised funds will be used to add more features to the virtual assistant, develop new services for HealthJoy, and build out its partnerships. The organization works with over 500 companies, aiming to achieve the goal of serving more small and medium businesses. HealthJoy claims its services can lower healthcare costs and enhance employee satisfaction. HealthJoy hopes Joy to be more proactive and synthesize more real-time benefits information, planning to enhance every aspect of the member's journey year-round.

HealthJoy is a benefits experience platform supporting employees to make smart healthcare decisions with personalized guidance and Artificial intelligent technology. The company's virtual assistant, on-demand doctors, and Concierge provide personalized support to each member, centralizing an organization's benefits and making healthcare far-reaching.