HealthWorksAI Releases ProductIntel

ProductIntel represents a significant advancement in the organizational vision of democratizing analytics by delivering solutions in a self-serve mode.

FREMONT, CA: Leading healthcare analytics organization HealthWorksAI has released ProductIntel, a solution inspired by the evolving role of Product Managers (PM) as innovators in the "Triple Aim" program of Medicare Advantage. ProductIntel empowers Product Development teams with an integrated product design and product lifecycle management solution in a single, easy to use platform. Its advanced features include real-time benefit simulators, AI-ML-powered enrollment predictions, intelligent product comparisons, and critical analysis of health plan financial metrics to drive higher membership and profitability.

"Healthcare Insurers are drowning in data while starving for insights," said Arvind Nagpal, Founder, and CEO of HealthWorksAI. "The release of ProductIntel into the market concludes over two years of collaboration with our design partners, many of whom are clients of HealthWorksAI. Our goal is to ensure the right information is delivered at the right time without burdening the end-user with complexities of the backend analytics."

Over the past two years, HealthWorksAI has experienced rapid adoption with over 25 Medicare Advantage plans now leveraging their SAAS solutions. Their MarketIntel platform, which aggregates, synthesizes, and translates publicly and privately acquired data, provides a single source of truth for healthcare insurers to analyze market competitiveness, identify market conditions driving enrollment, and engineer plans that positively impact members. "Our solutions resonate with our clients because we automate time consuming tasks and promote deeper strategic thinking," says Jereme Ayers, Chief Growth Officer. "I'm excited to add ProductIntel to our solution suite and further empower our clients with the tools necessary to optimize their product design. Early adopters will have an unfair competitive advantage going into next year's bid season," he continued.

HealthWorksAI also noted that additional products are in the final stages of user acceptance testing. Their MarketingIntel suite, scheduled to release in mid-Q1, aims to reduce member acquisition costs and improve response rates. MarketingIntel is also powered by AI/ML models and includes Next Best Action for members and prospects with Multi-touch Attribution analysis. "2021 is going to be a big year for our clients and for us," said Arvind Nagpal.