How Analytics Adds Value to Population Health Management

Analytics can lend an edge to population health management by helping define its strategies better.

FREMONT, CA: With value-based care attaining importance, healthcare providers are now turning their attention to population health management. Developing effective health management strategies for large sections of the population entails access to a lot of data. Although healthcare providers already have access to a lot of data, the utilization of this data depends on the analytical capabilities present. With analytics, population data can be adequately examined, and informed strategies for population health management can subsequently be developed.

While the definition of population health management varies from organization to organization depending upon their perspectives, impactful strategies can be evolved only with significant insights into population health on an everyday basis. These insights should ideally stem from a host of relevant metrics. Capturing these metrics is what analytics does. By processing accumulated health data rapidly, analytics tools can deliver precise information regarding the health of the population.

Both qualitative, as well as quantitative features of data, become essential when devising strategies. The same is true in the case of population health management strategies as well. With efficient analytics tools, all the dynamics of population health can be examined. First, the data already available with health practitioners can be aggregated to develop a broad picture. Subsequently, more targeted data, in the form of feedback from patients, needs to be analyzed. When specified sets of data are analyzed, population health management strategies can be customized to a higher degree.

Ultimately, analytics needs to be deployed on the data that healthcare providers consider vital. Care providers are at the forefront of healthcare service delivery and therefore understand the nuance of health management better than anybody else. When analyzed and reported, data from care providers can help set priorities straight within the population health management plans. Be it social, financial, or clinical. Every determinant, which is vital for population health management, can be uncovered and understood with technical superiority through advanced analytics approach. In the process, adding value to healthcare will become exceedingly feasible.

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