How Chronic Care Management Services Empower Medicare Beneficiaries

This chronic care management service provider is facilitating better patient health and outcome by equipping physicians with effective technologies.   

FREMONT, CA: "We are excited to offer Chronic Care Management services to our partners and to their patients," says Sherry Hunt, President of AllMeds. The leading provider of cutting-edge Electronic Health Record (EHR), practice manager, and RCM/Billing & Collection solutions has launched Chronic Care Management (CCM collaboration with HealthWatch™. CCM practice benefits from HealthWatchTM services, providing chronic care management to those who are suffering from multiple chronic conditions. HealthWatchTM provides monthly scheduled telephone checkups for medicare beneficiaries having various chronic conditions with the help of a certified team of medical assistants.    

AllMeds makes these services of HealthWatchTM to private practices across the United States.  Doctors are now able to work on improving health outcomes and increasing patient engagement. "Our partnership with HealthWatchTM is the direct result of our mission to improve the lives of physicians and their patients. We will continue to expand our software and services so that not only can private practices improve financially, but they can increase their quality scores and offer an additional touch of care to the patients who need it most," added Sherry.      

AllMeds is a medical practice company offering practice management and revenue cycle management solutions. The company's unique specialty focus provides accelerated implementation periods, real returns on investment, higher adoption rates, and more excellent rates of success. The AllMeds team believes that the foundation for a thriving medical information system is in-depth clinical content. The company's purpose is to improve the quality of physician practices, empowering them with technology that facilitates higher-quality healthcare at more economical operational costs. AllMeds maximizes revenue and reimbursements by minimizing overhead and days in accounts receivable, offering the best care for patients, while maintaining their presence in an increasingly competitive environment.