How Patient Journey Analytics Helps Patient Engagement

Optimizing the patient journey through analytics enables the healthcare industry to improve patient engagement.

FREMONT, CA: Advanced technologies are enhancing the quality and effectiveness of patient engagement. The appropriate application of these technologies, however, depends on how well healthcare providers are able to understand the needs and expectations of patients. One way by which the healthcare industry can understand patients better is through the use of patient journey analytics. With analytics capabilities, care providers can uncover critical insights into patient preferences that help make patient engagement well-informed, and immaculately-timed.  Compared to random efforts towards getting a patient involved, an intelligent engagement strategy is cost-effective, efficient, and highly satisfactory for patients.

By implementing customer journey analytics, healthcare providers are in a position to identify risky patient behaviors that are avoidable. This makes patient engagement efforts targeted and relevant. From identifying engagement opportunities to fixing the criteria of engagement, all the aspects attain an intelligent edge. For instance, after a patient undergoes a consultancy with a specialist, customer journey analytics conveys the information, allowing care providers to reach out to the patient who might have more queries.

Customer journey analytics accumulates and processes patient data to enable patient segregation for better engagement effectiveness. The metrics that are used for segregating the patients include demographics, health conditions, risk scores, height, and weight. These patient attributes help care providers customize engagement services. Besides, provider attributes like treatment stage and status of recovery are also accessible using customer journey analytics. These factors also contribute to making patient engagement strategies relevant.

The channels used for patient engagement might also vary in effectiveness depending upon patient and provider attributes. The insights gained from customer journey analytics helps highlight which channels have the highest potential for patient engagement. Such intelligent, data-driven approaches in patient engagement entitle healthcare providers to cut down on unnecessary expenditures. Apart from that, patient outcomes also see significant improvement.  Thus, implementing customer journey analytics has the potential to drive patient engagement towards better results.

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