How Semiconductor Technology Drives Next-Gen Medical Devices

Semiconductor technology advancement has facilitated generation medical devices that are smaller, portable, and more powerful.

FREMONT, CA: The past few years saw a speedy integration of semiconductor technology in medical applications to make care more high-level, reliable, and precise. At a current market size of about 400 billion dollars, the use of semiconductors in medicine is supposed to further expedite by about 10 billion dollars by the end of 2020. Given this rate, it is obvious that semiconductor technology can give acceleration to successful applications in medical device advancement.

Advanced medical devices are using sensors, microcontrollers, motion micro-electromechanical systems, and memory power management devices to get quality testing results in medical care. These modifications are incorporated into a variety of medical devices like blood pressure monitors, magnetic resonance imager, and pacemakers, and also in applications comprising diagnostics and home-based care. While these devices were previously available before the onset of semiconductor, the advancement in semiconductor technology has enabled for a more reliable, precise, and integrative approach generating devices for diagnosis and treatment.

Apart from the above, a diversity of establishing functions for implanted medical devices, like stimulation, sensing, therapy delivery, microprocessor, communications, memory storage, and power management has been carried out via medically integrated circuits. All these developments are being transferred in a tiny integrated circuit. Unlike the commercial use of semiconductors, combined circuits for medical devices have a process extension that offers more quality and offers a strong solution that works properly.

As semiconductor technology recapitulates to innovate, there will be even more possibilities for medical device developers. Technologies for miniaturized sensors, low power devices, and high-speed detectors find their application in the medical industry.

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