How Smart Clinical Learning Solution is Revolutionizing Medical Training

The new Experiential Learning is considered as a smart solution for candidates to enter healthcare industry.

FERMONT, CA: The current process for training and hiring entry-level positions in the healthcare industry is broken. MedCerts is working to fix this problem by finding people who want to get certified and work in the industry and connect with healthcare companies. Its Experiential Learning is taking the traditional clinical training experience and bringing it directly on-site to meet employer needs better. The service includes pre-certification job placement, internships, externships, job shadowing, and training for volunteers. 

Due to the lack of qualified candidates in the healthcare industry, companies are finding alternative strategies for filling positions. MedCerts Experiential Training adapts to such industry changes, offering solutions for tailoring programs for each demand for medical students. Current educational programs are not time-consuming or cost-effective for students, so they choose another career path that will further the shortages that health care organizations face. The national college debt crisis that students are facing will not improve if we continue to do the same stuff, but MedCerts is doing something different. MedCerts tries to find such opportunities as a first step to fulfil certification requirements and get students into their jobs more quickly. When there is no work opportunity, Career Services helps by offering a paid internship.

The organization also established a dedicated employer engagement group to develop relationships for its students with state, regional, and national experiential learning. MedCerts offers flexible approaches, such as Experiential Training and Healthcare Apprenticeships, that better fit students lives and bridges the gap between education and training for the workforce. MedCerts is an online career development and job support program. The eLearning Program helps students gain entry into new careers by developing the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to achieve this aim.

MedCerts offers training in career and certification through video-based HD-quality instruction, games and animations, virtual simulations, and on-the-job training. Students receive individualized guidance, tracking their regular growth and progress reports, facilitating test planning, and career services on their road to work.

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