How Sweat Sensors Determine their Worth

Advanced sensors that can determine valuable health metrics from sweat can add immense value to healthcare monitoring.         

FREMONT, CA: Parameters detected from sweat can give significant insights into health conditions. Sensor-enabled medical wearable devices are now poised to take advantage of this and deliver health insights. Although the technology is still emerging, experts have pinned their hopes on sweat sensors. Reports suggest that many researchers are on their way to achieving sweat sensors, which are commercially viable and can help detect a host of critical health metrics. The following list containing potential applications of sweat sensors can help determine the value of the wearables in the context of healthcare.  

Determining Stress Levels in Real-Time

According to a recent report published by a medical engineering institute, researchers have been able to develop wireless sweat sensors that can detect stress levels.  Cortisol, the natural compound which is considered to be the stress hormone in the body, can be detected using the developed sensor. Today, a significant amount of the population suffers from stress-related conditions. With mass-producible wearable stress detectors, patients being treated for anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as depression, can be monitored more effectively. The sensors are powerful enough to detect even when small amounts of compounds are available. Compared to the conventional ways of determining stress, a sweat sensor wearable gives results much faster, which can subsequently allow better healthcare.

Detecting Metabolites

While wearable devices that detect high-concentration compounds like electrolytes, glucose, and lactate have already been developed, the scope for developing detection devices for low-concentration compounds still exists. According to a report, researchers are also trying to develop sweat sensors which will present information regarding cardiovascular and kidney diseases. Such wearable devices have the potential to transform healthcare delivery by making monitoring and detection smooth, comprehensive, and quick.

Sweat sensors are about to play a defining role in adding value to healthcare and improving the quality of life for patients. The future of healthcare is definitely going to be portable, wearable, and sensor-enabled.

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