How Tech is Thwarting COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 outbreak can now be controlled, thanks to the health tech firms and their innovations.

FREMONT, CA: Technological innovations are revolutionizing the entire world and industry unimaginably. In addition, with the recent COVID-19 outbreak, technology helps in mitigating the coronavirus threat like a pro. Fighting a pandemic as severe as COVID-19 requires drastic responses, and political leaders and public-health pioneers have turned to some of the most advanced strategies available. What began with a lockdown of one city has quickly grown to the quarantine of an entire province, and now entire countries. While social isolation and curfews are amongst the most efficient ways to break the series of viral transmission, technology is paving its way to protect the affected.

Firms are innovating new things to curb deadly COVID-19. Virtual patient communication is one such example that provides digital tools for education and screening in line with the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) guidelines. The kit facilitates patients to receive in-home advice and dodge emergency departments or clinics unless their situation justifies in-person care. The kit is the most reliable way to combat the spread of the virus while attending the ones who are already infected. The COVID-19 virtual patient communication kit involves AI-driven chatbots for instant engagement, video conferencing to support telemedicine recommended by the CDC, and live care navigator escalation. Improved connectivity and the exponential rise of technology are facilitating smart health communities, which delivers a modern take on community-based disease prevention.

Health tech firms are also delivering early, and precise analysis about the spread of Covid-19, prophesying it would reach Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan one week prior it was reported inside their boundaries. By helping trace and contain the spread of disease, such technologies may eventually stop epidemics before they cross borders. Innovation is also enhancing how caregivers care for those people sickened by contagious diseases. Health tech companies responding to the coronavirus outbreak by boosting the production of technologically advanced face masks that, when coupled with good habits like frequent hand washing, can help protect the disease-vulnerable tourists and others. Thanks to technological innovations, businesses can recommence to work, their employees meeting virtually with international colleagues and partners in a way that keeps everyone safe.

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