How Technology is Reshaping Patient Engagement?

Technology-backed solutions are driving active patient engagement and delivering self-care outcomes.

FREMONT, CA: Emerging technologies have excellent potential in improving patient engagement. Digital solutions and smart medical devices are flooding the market today. These are designed with the motive of empowering patients to take better control over their medical condition. From monitoring key health metrics after surgery to maintaining a record of medications, patients can today be equipped to carry out simple tasks efficiently. By deploying these technologies, healthcare professionals can reduce their workloads and at the same time, ensure a better experience for patients. Vital ways in which technology is influencing patient engagement are discussed below.     

Bridging the Gap Between Professional and Personal Care

Things that only medical professionals could do earlier can now be done accurately by patients with the help of technology-backed solutions. This has helped lessen the gap between professional medical care and self-care by patients. Wearable devices with smart sensors can automatically take readings of key health metrics like blood pressure, blood sugar level, heart rate, and much more. Intelligent applications can assist and recommend patients with health issues. Thus, driven by technology, patient engagement is getting enriched.

Managing Health and Medication Records

Modern applications that can be installed on personal smart devices like phones and tablets are enabling patients to maintain accurate records. A patient can easily update every development using electronic gadgets. These apps also function as reminders and help patients take medications regularly without fail. Besides, medical history, including test results, can be easily stored on a single digital platform. This allows doctors to keep the patient engaged throughout the medical journey.

Convenient Virtual Consultations

The ease of having a face-to-face conversation with a doctor from the convenience of one's bed is unmatched. Advanced technologies are today making healthcare go virtual. Doctors can easily reach out to patients through the internet and deliver services remotely. Whether they are at the hospital or home, patients have the option to communicate with health experts regarding their health issues.

Technology is taking patient engagement to the next level, apart from making it highly affordable and rewarding.  

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