How Technology Lends a Hand to independent Medical Practices

FREMONT, CA: The present healthcare environment causes independent medical practices to face many challenges. Fortunately, several new technologies are available to help navigate the complexities of healthcare and run a profitable practice

Some new solutions and necessary technology for independent medical practices are listed below:

Real-Time Eligibility Verification.

The capability to check a patient’s insurance coverage and eligibility in real-time is a technological trait incorporated in some EHRs. This new solution offers a quick and easy way for front office employees to acquire all pertinent data without waste of precious time.

Payment Estimation

Technology can reduce the need to estimate the payment due from a patient manually. Today, patients are assuming more significant financial dependability for their medical care with higher deductibles, self-pay, and co-pays. So, it is essential to know upfront how much the patient will be accountable for and how much the customer will reimburse.

Payment Tools

Mobile applications, e-statements, web-based portals, and credit card information on file are all payment tools, which have a direct HOW TECHNOLOGY LENDS A HAND TO INDEPENDENT MEDICAL PRACTICES effect on the success of the medical practice. Not all patients accept electronic payment methods, but even some patients making use of these modes of payment can boost collections by a considerable amount.

Online Appointments

The biggest challenge at medical practices is given an online selection booking option, and most patients select the wrong kind of appointment. This hurdle can be beat with a trial run involving one or two physicians. The instance reveals possible problems, and the online appointment scheduling service can then be tweaked before it is employed officewide. Once in place, online appointment booking connotes a patient needing a same-day appointment can quickly fit the slot vacated by a patient who needs to cancel at the last minute.

Reminder Messages

As an independent medical practice, last-minute cancellations will have a direct impact on revenue. Reminder messages can bring down the number of no-shows significantly. Millennials, in particular, are known to check their text messages and e-mails numerous times a day. With the busy lifestyle that each person leads, patients welcome the gentle reminder to work the physician’s visit into their schedule.