How Virtual Care Platforms are Optimizing Patient Care

Care service providers are helping healthcare organizations in setting up their virtual health offerings at the point of entry to enhance patient care and satisfaction.    

FREMONT, CA: The leading health care delivery automation company,, has launched new functionality and content to its virtual care platform, SmartExam. The new upgradation puts efforts to help healthcare providers stay competitive in a landscape increasingly populated with disruptive new entrants and tech giants. The shortage of physicians impacts the industry, where health care organizations are challenged to serve more patients than they can see. Patients get frustrated with the delays in care and start looking for another care provider. To avoid losing patients, many organizations are implementing digital approaches that enhance their ability to draw and retain patients and stay competitive.    

The key enhancements to SmartExam are focused on enhancing care delivery and improving provider workflow integration. ensures that SmartExam continues to provide a hassle-free patient and provider experience. SmartExam integrates more deeply into escalated modalities of care provided by its customers. And, to enhance patients' experience with SmartExam, developers have leveraged artificial intelligence for a natural-language interface.'s health system partners personalize the list of medications they want prescribed to enhance patient care. The clinical content in SmartExam contains a database of evidence-based treatments that helps in optimizing patient care. 

A Portland-based tech company is modernizing direct-to-patient telehealth for healthcare systems with its AI-powered asynchronous virtual-care platform, SmartExam. The company collaborates with premier health care companies in North America, including 3 of the best five non-profit health systems in the U.S. These partners offer SmartExam to more than 10 million patients who seek convenient, critical, and primary care online.'s SmartExam is an intuitive virtual care platform that connects doctors and patients without the need for video appointments, easing the treatment of many of low-acuity conditions anytime, anywhere.