Key Challenges Medical Billing Professionals Need to Overcome

Medical billing is the backbone of healthcare revenue cycle management. Here are some of the key challenges associated with medical billing.

Fremont, CA: Medical billing is the backbone of healthcare revenue cycle management. However, healthcare providers often experience significant challenges revolve around claims, payments, patient consent, or the software used to operate the revenue cycle, and face difficulties in efficiently and accurately billing patients and payers for the services they offer.

Some of the key challenges associated with medical billing are:

Patient Education

Keeping the patients educated and informed about their billing is a serious challenge. Research reveals that when patients are aware of their bill, they are more likely to make timely payment. Quality practice management software, EHR, and billing software can help healthcare providers accomplish this effectively.

On-time Payments

Whether it be from an insurance company or a payment directly from the patient, making sure you get it in a timely fashion is a difficult task. Certain vendors of medical billing software offer help to increase on-time patient payments.

Payment Accessibility

Providers who lack the accommodation of different means of payment are likely to receive less on-time payments. Hence, they should offer multiple payment options, including online payments and credit card payments. 

Top 10 Medical Billing and Coding Pioneers - 2019Quality Customer Support

Quality US-based customer support services should be offered by the medical billing software vendor to ensure provisions of solutions to any operational problems. Providers who have little access to good quality customer support will most likely fail to optimize their software and use it to its maximum capacity.

5) Filing Multiple Claims

Filing multiple claims is a frustrating task for many, but more so for specialty providers. Nephrologists, for instance, have to file hundreds of dialysis claims at a time. Without a mass claim creation tool, they have to file each claim individually. This will have a huge negative impact on practice efficiency and clinical workflow.

6) Resources

Whether it is customer support, patient education, productivity tools, or quality software, the lack of medical billing resources will force the professional to do it in a conventional way. Medical billing resources are necessary to maintain a decent number of clean claims and maximize revenue.

7) Software

The medical billing software that isn't tailor-made for the practice will only hinder the billing workflow. Providers should always stay aware of any software that claims to be an all-in-one software or works for all specialties. Providers need a fully customizable medical billing option.

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