LeanTaaS Bags $40M for Healthcare Optimization

LeanTaaS has secured $40 million to hire more engineers, product managers and experts in the field of data science, sales and marketing.

FREMONT, CA: "LeanTaaS uses lean methodologies with advanced data science and optimization algorithms to radically improve the operational performance of healthcare providers," says Mohan Giridharadas, Founder and CEO of LeanTaaS. LeanTaaS, a Silicon Valley software firm, has raised $40 million Series C funding round from Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division. This round of investment is in addition to the $61 million previously invested by Insight Partners over the three prior funding rounds. The company has developed a cloud-based software-as-a-service platform called iQueue that uses optimization algorithms to match the demand for expensive healthcare resources, operating rooms, infusion chairs, ambulatory clinics, imaging assets, and inpatient beds.

LeanTaaS understands the challenge of healthcare in general and cancer care in particular that the peaks and valleys in patient appointment scheduling often result in inefficient use of scarce and expensive resources, unpredictable wait times for patients, and overtime hours for staff. iQueue has helped increase patient access, decrease wait times, improve staff satisfaction, reduce healthcare delivery costs, and improve operational performance. The company's robust prescriptive analytics platform is helping bend the access and cost curves in health systems, enabling customers to achieve tangible operational improvements. LeanTaaS will use the raised funds from Goldman Sachs to boost hiring in engineering, product management, data science, sales, and marketing.

LeanTaaS has found its mention in Top 10 Predictive Analytics Consulting/Services Companies by CIOReview. LeanTaaS is a software organization that uses lean principles, ML, and predictive analytics to transform core operational processes in healthcare digitally. This transformation enhances patient access, alleviates wait times, improves staff satisfaction, mitigates healthcare delivery costs, and increases operational performance. LeanTaaS's offerings rely on advanced data science to enhance the operational performance of hospitals and clinics significantly. Using LeanTaaS iQueue in combination with the prevailing EHRs, healthcare organizations are producing optimized programs tailored to every site to mitigate operating expenses and patient wait time rapidly. iQueue enhances patient access and satisfaction, care provider satisfaction, and asset utilization.