MediFind Launches Second Opinion Finder

MediFind is a proprietary technology platform that uses big data to help connect patients to the right care team and treatment protocols faster, improving their chances of optimal health outcomes.

FREMONT, CA: MediFind, an advanced platform that uses artificial intelligence to help patients make more informed health decisions, announced the launch of the first Second Opinion Finder that is freely available to healthcare consumers and the medical community across thousands of health conditions.

The value of a second opinion comes from making sure that opinion comes from an expert and that the patient is presented with all options. The MediFind Second Opinion Finder achieves both objectives by using powerful artificial intelligence and objective data to identify doctors who are experts in a specific medical condition, but who are likely to have different insights about care options than the first doctor.

MediFind identifies these doctors based on three main components:

• Expertise: MediFind identifies doctors who are at the forefront of their field for thousands of individual diseases.

• Distinctiveness: MediFind builds sophisticated profiles from many data sources that indicate how "connected" doctors are to each other, whether through publications, training, or referral patterns.

• Location: MediFind identifies doctors nearby, and also allows users to filter by search radius.

For people facing a serious medical condition, time is precious. But the number and complexity of the choices they have to make can be overwhelming. Making the wrong choice can delay life-saving care. MediFind can help people find medical experts and options quickly.

"Medical science is advancing daily, and there are so many options and new treatments available, including thousands of clinical trials," said Patrick Howie, CEO and founder of MediFind. "Experts don't always agree on a care plan, so patients and their families need a resource to help them understand where to turn next to make sure they're making the very best choices for their health. With our Second Opinion feature, people can, for the first time, quickly and easily find doctors who can provide new viewpoints on their care, instead of having to rely on personal referrals and limitations imposed by health systems."

Howie understands the need for fast access to information on complex health conditions firsthand. He created the site after losing his brother to a rare form of cancer several years ago. The family spent hundreds of hours researching doctors and treatments, but it took months to find a surgeon with the right expertise and a year to identify novel treatment options. With MediFind, patients can now identify experts and connect to care significantly more quickly.

The platform also provides research summaries and information on clinical trials in plain language, using advanced analytics to locate relevant data from the hundreds of thousands of research reports, presentations and clinical trial results that are published each year.