New and Improved Technologies Changing Dentistry

Exciting times for dentists are here! People are beginning to appreciate the impact of the digital dentistry revolution. The state of the art technologies is improving the patient experience while reducing the time spent in a dental chair.

FREMONT, CA: The field of dentistry is continually evolving and transforming to best suit patient needs. Dentists are always looking for new and emerging technology to make the patient's experience as comfortable as possible. Here are some consumer and medical technologies currently in the market that shape the dental world for the future.

• Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing a role in the dental industry from improving detection of tooth decay to smart scheduling. Presently, AI has been used to help identify tooth decay through the use if bitewing radiographs. As a result, viewing capability has increased, and the speed with which a dentist can review the radiographs has also improved. AI also helps improve accuracy and efficiency in this area, resulting in improved care for the patient.  Various other uses cases include scheduling patient appointments, maximizing productivity.

• 3D Modeling

Digital dentistry integrates Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing, allowing the introduction of one visit dentistry, meaning less reliance on dental models in favor of 3D printing for tooth models. The system is designed to scan the patient's teeth before loading the data into a 3D printer interface, finally allowing dentists to provide shorter turnaround times for procedures, including dental implants.

• Cloud Computing

In dentistry, storing data in the cloud makes work easier for professionals while making treatment more useful and reliable for patients. By relying on the cloud, can reduce administrative issues, and it makes it easy to keep files up to date. Every change made to the patient data are automatically stored, and all authorized personnel can share it. Leveraging cloud has also added the benefit of extra security, particularly when compared to conventional paper options.

• Big Data

The availability of big data enhances patients' access to personalized dental care. Analyzing vast amounts of patient data enables dentists to early diagnose of diseases and identify which oral health problem occur repeatedly. Armed with these insights dentist can work in hand with patients and provide suggestions for treatment, lessening the chances of further issues arising.

All these applications of technology will transform the way dental care is provided to patients today. They will slowly, but permanently get integrated into the routine workflow of industry maximizing efficiency and accuracy of care.

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