New COVID-19 Management Package Helping EMS and Care Centers

A new COVID-19 management package is assisting the medical community in managing patient surge, preserve personal protective equipment, and restrict exposure to protect clinicians and their patients.

FREMONT, CA: A mobile-first healthcare communication platform, Pulsara, has launched a free COVID-19 management package to every EMS and healthcare organizations in the United States. The company understands that with the Coronavirus outbreak, and healthcare organizations are rapidly preparing for the management of this crisis within their communities. Clinicians can use the mHealth Pulsara communication platform in multiple ways to help their teams manage patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). During the pandemic, Pulsara for COVID-19 is entirely free for units using the platform for any combination of these goals. 

Pulsara's first goal is to reduce patient surge into hospitals by harnessing video telemedicine and messaging for medical control scenarios and transporting only those patients who absolutely need to visit the hospital. Secondly, limit transfers to clinically apt cases where rather than a phone call or radio report, patients can utilize multimedia capabilities comprising secure video calls, messaging, images, and audio clips to evaluate the patient and determine the appropriate disposition. Thirdly, limiting exposure to clinicians and other patients with early notification. Pulsara enables EMT and Paramedic teams to adequately prepare for COVID-19 patient arrival, limit exposure to clinicians and other patients at receiving emergency care. Pulsara limits clinician exposure, and conserve personal protective equipment, securing outpatient medical isolation (Quarantine) communication. The company expedites regular check-ins with health departments or providers through audio clips, live video calls, vital signs, messaging, etc., delivering consolidated data for the duration of the patient event.

Pulsara is a mobile-first healthcare communication platform, connecting teams across organizations. Pulsara's ability to facilitate dynamic networked communications for any injury or illness is what makes the company unique. With Pulsara, clinicians can add a new team, organization, or specialist to any patient event, dynamically creating a care team even as the patient's condition and location are continually evolving.