New Crowdsourced Delivery of Healthcare Products Streamlining Operations

An enterprise software provider is streamlining operations while implementing the best practices for patients and customers with crowdsourced delivery of its healthcare products.

FREMONT, CA: Provider of enterprise software and crowdsourced delivery services from healthcare providers to patients' home/office, CourMed, has collaborated with expert logistics consulting firm, On-Demand Delivery Management Solutions. CourMed has continued to ace healthcare providers and patients with crowdsourced delivery of healthcare items like eyewear, prescription medications, costly supplements, high-end vitamins, and natural medicine. The collaboration will streamline operations and implement best practices for crowdsourced delivery. By using advanced technology and an online training platform, CourMed has outsourced the driver experience to On-Demand Delivery Management Solutions.

On-Demand Delivery Management Solutions has more than five years of experience in managing crowdsourced deliveries in the state of Texas. The collaboration has delivered 100 percent growth in volume, delivery drivers, and revenue for CourMed. The company can expand free next-day delivery to insured DFW central fill and specialty pharmacy patients with the new operational improvements. CourMed's collaboration with On-Demand Delivery Management Solutions allows the company to continue to provide an encouraging experience to its customers and their patients. CourMed offers patients convenient relief with on-demand delivery services that offers relief from the stress of an ever-challenging healthcare world.

CourMed is a provider of enterprise software and crowdsourced delivery of healthcare items from the providers to the homes and offices of patients. The company's primary focus is to help healthcare providers by delivering quality service to its patients while ensuring a safe platform for its crowdsourced drivers. As a Healthcare Partner, providers will have the certainty that the products will be delivered to patients with care, on time.  

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